How Long Does A Kitchen Remodel Take?

[, Music ], you are probably wondering how long does a kitchen remodel project take we hear that a lot from clients and one of the things i typically try to encourage people to think through is all of the steps that are in the process leading up to A project because people tend to focus more on how long you’re going to be in my house. So for this little exercise i thought we would first identify what a typical remodel project is for us. As far as a kitchen remodel project, a typical one would be a home that is 20 to 30 years old, 2500 to 4 000 square feet and a kitchen remodel generally for us will be pretty much the entire space. We work on homes that are bigger and older. We work on some that are smaller as well, but this tends to be the lion’s share of the projects that we do.

But i encourage people to think through the design process, the selections of materials lining the materials up and getting those ordered and then the actual remodel project. We start out with the design and selections of materials so depending on how flexible somebody’s schedule is and how good of a decision maker they are that process. I usually tell people typically run about four to six weeks to get that nail down. That’S the timeline from when somebody makes a phone call to us or comes in our showroom to actually through to contract. The second step would be the material portion, we’re big believers on ordering almost all of our materials into our warehouse here.

That way, we understand that we have all of our materials ready to go for the project and we’re not missing something, and then the third one would actually be the remodel project in your home and a typical project. That capacity would be about three to four weeks. For a project like that, so when somebody starts talking about um how long that entire process takes, i usually indicate that that’s going to typically run them from about four to five months for uh from the start of that phone call all the way through to completion Of that project and schedules are really really important to us. We provide our clients with a anticipated start date, as well as a completion date and of our projects. In 2020, we hit almost just shy of 90 of those projects hitting that completion date.

So we’re pretty proud of that record. So hopefully that gets you some insight into how long a typical kitchen remodel will take [ Music, ]