Tearing Out The Kitchen | Budget Mobile Home Remodel #11 | Demolition

Well, today’s the day, you’ve probably been waiting for, and we have really dreaded the most. Today’S today we tear out all of our kitchen cabinets, countertops sink dishwasher and effectively shut down the kitchen, so the plan of action is to start by taking the easiest cabinet out. First, that’s the one beside the stove and then we’re going to start taking out the sink and the faucet we’re going to keep our faucet and reuse it. So we’re going to be careful when removing it, and we also need to disconnect everything under their plumbing wise. As far as drains just wash your connections all that stuff, I can take these off the hand.

I’M just gon na undo the dishwasher connection and then put my thumb over it and then try and drain it through the sink which I’ve already disconnected. So I guess I’ll connect that back that’s off the water came in there. That’S good, save all these pieces. Oh, what is that turn it on everything threads on back of the sink? There’S ass!

Thank You psyche. So I wanted to show you guys how unlevel our countertop was because it’s kind of hard to tell it in the videos, so here’s some close-up shots of how it really just sinks at the sink and pretty much just funneled water, underneath it probably its whole life. So that’s why we are tearing this out one of the many reasons but there’s why so we’re waiting for the dishwasher to finish its final cycle. It’S on the drying stage, so we’re trying to dance around it right now. Angel is going to go ahead and take the doors off the cabinets, and I must get the stove over to give us a little more working room pick them up.

I am all right: let’s check them out I’ll. Try watch leg, not injured workers. Comp here. Does this gone by, it’s got screws going up from that wood? Can you make sure it’s not gon na tear the wall up, do that you try and pull this in the way, oh, that was gon na, have to get right down.

Anyhow, yeah, alright! Now that it’s off the wall, I think we can break it right where the sink was out. The door yeah, that’s full. The entire heading is now pick it up quit letting a drink. If you do anything, stick the end of it.

Alright hold it. There. Demos done wasn’t too bad and I won’t say it feels good having the kitchen tore apart now. Look, but it is nice to have that much accomplished and one afternoons work that’s out of the way yeah well. The next step is to turn to the floor, but we’ll save that for the next video thanks guys for watching we’ll see you guys next time bye, you


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